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Unique, self-defense and empowerment classes are conducted by Karate STL Director, Sharon Basinger, Sensei 6th Dan, Certified Instructor.  Participants practice various tactics of defense and offense but never need to do anything that feels uncomfortable to them.  
While self-defense is very serious, learning it doesn't have to be.  The classes are educational, yes, but always fun!

- Find inner strength and courage
- Improve confidence and self-reliance
- Feel a sense of power and control
- Manage old fears and traumas
- Become aware of safe boundaries

Woman blocking

Ages 14+

What to wear:
Long pants & smooth long-sleeved shirt.  For safety, pant legs must not reach the floor.  Must remove shoes and socks... and all jewelry (or leave at home).

Because women usually are physically the weaker sex, society has let them believe they are helpless in the face of violence.  That is totally untrue!  Today’s savvy woman knows that she must be responsible for her own safety... and her loved ones.  She realizes there's not always someone around to protect them. 

Woman against manKarate STL instructors show how to successfully use leverage and momentum to target the vulnerable areas, and how to break free from an attacker, plus easy-to-learn strikes and blocks -- hands on -- while having fun!  It really isn’t about strength or size, but attitude and skill.  You can fight back, escape and survive in seemingly indefensible situations.  Our world gets more dangerous every day.  Nothing can guarantee your safety but you can do everything possible to control your own destiny and prevent yourself from becoming a statistic, another victim.  (About Self-defense Classes)

Ages 4-13Kid against attacker

What to wear:

Long pants & smooth long-sleeved shirt.  For safety, pant legs must not reach the floor.  Must remove shoes and socks... and all jewelry (or leave at home).

but to emphasize avoidance, awareness, boundaries and whom to trust.  Different types of strangers are defined and how to handle them.  Kids practice easy-to-learn maneuvers that really work, appropriate for their age, size and strength.  Karate STL instructors show them how to escape and survive dangerous situations using their mind and entire body -- hands-on -- in a safe and fun environment'Keeping Kids Safe' sign

When a child has been victimized by a predator, you often hear, “I didn’t think it would happen,” or “He seemed so nice,” or “But this is a safe neighborhood.”  Denial and unawareness can produce a criminal’s best friend, a vulnerable and scared child.  No matter how small or weak the child is, or the size and strength of the assailant (or bully), attitude and skill are what counts the most.  Kids are not helpless!  They can fight back and win.  Sadly, children are more susceptible to violence every day, even where they should feel safe.  Nothing can guarantee their safety but the odds can at least be tilted in their favor.
About Self-defense Classes


Women and/or men, or youth

Classes can be hosted or sponsored by a business, an individual or organization...  such as a scout troop, school teachers, realtors, a birthday party, church group, club, etc.  
(What happens in the classes.)
More concerned leaders now see the reasons to support a self-defense class for their members or employees:  It benefits the sponsor as well as the participants.  How? 

Self-defense training promotes awareness and confidence, and reduces the odds of being involved in violence.  Insurance rate reductions and tax deductions are possible depending on your organization or firm.  

Sponsorship conditions vary, from simply providing a location, to contributing part or all of the fees, etc.

-  1 class,
-  2-day seminar,
-  1 or 2 classes per week, etc.
Rates determined by structure
and number of participants.

For info, contact:

Sharon Basinger, Sensei  
Certified Instructor
6th Degree Black Belt
Karate STL

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