Keep up to date with Karate STL!

You can pull our calendar information into your personal calendar. Here is how:
        1. In your calendar application, find the option to "import" or "subscribe" to a calendar.
        2. Look for the option to enter a URL or web address.
        3. Paste one of the following web address into your program where it asks for the URL or address for the calendar you want to subscribe to:

                For most users:

                Recommended for Outlook users:

                If you are having problems with event times being off by an hour or in the wrong time zone:

                If you prefer to use an RSS feed, then subscribe to this RSS feed:

Each calendar application has it's own options and settings screen and they change over time, so look in the help menu of your application to find how to add our calendar subscription/feed. Google, Hotmail, Outlook and any application that supports the ICS standard for subscribing to a calendar should work just fine. This way you will always have the current calendar events from KarateSTL visible in your personal calendar!