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Karate is taught as weaponless self-defense, and emphasized as a martial art rather than a competitive sport.  Achieve confidence and practical expertise, without intimidation or hostility.  Safety is paramount!  Learning from and helping each other, and using skills effectively and with good judgment is the true art of karate.
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Sharon Basinger, Sensei
Certified Instructor
6th Degree Black Belt


No Contracts, No Equipment to Buy
Karate & Self-defense Lessons
Adult & Youth, Ages 4+
Family & Golden Discounts

Shuri Castle, Okinawa, Japan
Shuri Castle
Naha City, Okinawa, Japan


Calendar through Dec 31, 2018

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EVENTS - Summary

EVENTS - Details


              Training Location:
          Pattonville Heights Middle School
          Back Gym
          195 Fee Fee Rd at Dorsett Rd
          Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Pattonville Heights Middle School

EVENTS 2018 - Summary

Parkwood School gym -
Thu, Sep 20

Karate Location Changes

Otherwise, at Pattonville Hts Middle School back gym.

Kids' Self-defense & Stranger Danger
Grades K-4, Boys & Girls.
Now enrolling!!
  • Mon, Sep 24, one night, 5:30-7:30 pm.
Gym B, Holman Middle School.
314.213.8094, or Enroll by Email and other options on How to Enroll.

Next 6-wk Session
Now enrolling!!
Age 4-adult, Males/Females.
  • Begins Tue & Thu,Oct 23 & 25 *
  * Note:  Late fee after Fri, Oct 19.
314.213.8094, or Enroll by Email and other options on How to Enroll.

Halloween Costumes
May wear to class - see important Guidelines.
  • Tue & Thu, Oct 30 & Nov 1

Saint Louis Seminar with Grand Master Iha
Fri evening & Sat afternoon at Parkwood School gym.
  • Nov 9 & 10 (dates/location confirmed!!!) 

Okinawa Trip 2019 - Tookachi Celebration
  • Wed, Aug 21 - Fri, Aug 30, 2019

Begin & End Dates of Current Session
Karate Cost (includes discount info)
Karate Class Schedule

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         EVENTS 2018 - Details

Bring a Buddy
Karate Location Changes
Kids Night of
- Grades K-4
Next 6-wk Karate Session
Halloween Costumes
Saint Louis Seminar with
Grand Master Iha
Okinawa Trip 2019 - Tookachi Celebration
       ________________________________  Calendar

BRING A BUDDYkids-friends
Third Tue or Thu of each session:  If you'd like, invite one or two friends or relatives to your class, no charge, and assist in being their "sensei" that day -- a fun way to share karate with a buddy!  Or, they can watch then join in the class if/when they want.  Buddies can wear regular clothes, and just remove shoes, socks and jewelry to participate in class.  You both can just show up, and they won’t be obligated or pressured to enroll.
Also on Calendar.

Sorry for any inconvenience but school functions occur on above dates at Heights.  All other classes this session are at Pattonville Heights Middle School back gym.
Also on Calendar.

self-defenseKIDS' NIGHT
Self-defense & Stranger Danger -
Grades K-4, Boys & Girls
Now enrolling!!
Open to the public.
What happens at self-defense class?self-defense
Gym B, Holman Middle School.  
$25 Pattonville resident; 
$30 Non-resident.
Very welcome, but during class ALL ages areself-defense requested to remain on sideline very quietly and unobtrusively (no cell phone or lound talking or communicating with students please)... out of respect for students and instructors.
What to Wear:  
Long pants & smooth long-sleeved shirt - sweats are ideal.  For safety, pant legs must not reach the floor.  Must remove shoes and socks... and all jewelry (or leave at home).
Teacher (all classes): 
Sharon Basinger, Sensei 6th Dan, Certified Instructor.
To Enroll:   
Call 314.213.8094, or Enroll by Email and other options on How to Enroll.

             Ages 4- Adult, Males/Females
Now enrolling!!
    * Note: Enroll any time, but late fee after Fri, Oct 19.woman kicking
To Enroll:    
314.213.8094 or Enroll by Email or other options on How to Enroll.
Training Location:
Tue, Oct 23:  Pattonville Hts Middle School back gym
Thu, Oct 25 Only
:  Parkwood School gym
 (Normally, karate at primary location - Pattonville Hts, but always check Calendar for  possible exceptions).
Cost ** for entire 6-week session:
$40 Pattonville resident. 
$45 non-resident. 
$65 Pattonville resident.
$70 non-resident.
Same as above "Once a week" cost.
**  Discounts/Cost Adjustments:  
One discount per student.No equipment to buy! 
Very welcome, BUT during class ALL ages are requested to remain on sideline very quietly and unobtrusively (no cell phone or loud talking, or communicating with students please)... out of respect for students and instructors.  Please remove shoes if necessary to enter training area.
Teacher (all classes):
Sharon Basinger, Sensei 6th Dan, Certified Instructor.

Guidelines:  NO WEAPONS (not even fake) allowed in the building or on school grounds.  Under robes or dresses, wear shorts, pants, tights or leggings but none with feet, since students train in bare feet.  Costumes must be appropriate.  Students encouraged to bring and show but during class must remove the following:  masks, shoes, hats, capes & other props that might interfere with training in class.  Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Fri evening & Sat afternoon
(dates/location confirmed!!!)

Iha Sensei
World-renowned Grandmaster Seikichi Iha, who holds the highest title of Hanshi (master) and highest rank of 10th Dan (black belt degree).  Teacher to 
Basinger Sensei, Iha Sensei is president of the Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association and United States Branch Chief of the Okinawa Shorinryu Karatedo Association.  His Lansing, Michigan, dojo is headquarters for over 30 schools in the U.S., Canadaand many other countries around the globe.

Plan now to attend and reserve your place (see below)!  Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from this dynamic "teacher of teachers," a true master of our defense-oriented martial art.

Eligible participants:
Active & inactive students of Karate STL and its branch dojos.
Adults:  ALL adult students, ALL ranks.
Kids:     Solid yellow belt & above, minimum age 7.
ALL other students are encouraged to come and observe these classes, as well as families and friends. Spectators welcome!

Spectators may bring their own seating - limited, if any, available in gym.

ALL STUDENTS (all ages & ranks) . . . PLEASE NOTE:   To be included in the 1:00 pm Saturday group photo with Iha Sensei, be sure to wear your gi!! . . . and parents/spectators, bring your cameras.

Parkwood School gym
3199 Parkwood Lane
(at Old St. Charles Rd)
Maryland Hts, MO 63043
Fri, Nov 9:
5:30-6:30 pm:
Kids age 7+, solid yellow belt & above.
6:30-7:30 pm:
Adults all ranks, & kids blue belt & above.
Sat, Nov 10:
12:00-1:00 pm:
Kids age 7+, yellow belt & above.
1:00-1:10 pm:
Group Photos (students in gi – ALL ages & ranks, participating or not).
1:10 - 2:30 pm:
Adult class students only, all ranks.
Donations greatly appreciated from participants and spectators, to help with the considerable expense involved.
Give number of participants AND observers, AND dates attending...

Seikichi IhaOKINAWA TRIP 2019 -

What exactly is the “Tookachi” celebration?  It’s a person’s 88th birthday/birth year, and is called “Tookachi” in Okinawa, and “Beiju” in mainland Japan.  It is one of the two biggest birthday celebrations, the other being the 97th anniversary, also known as “Kajimayaa.”  The Tookachi celebration typically takes place on the 8th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar.

In early March of 2017, a small Shidokan group went to Okinawa with Iha Sensei.  It was a two-fold visit, to be part of the opening of the new Okinawa Karate Kaikan (http://karatekaikan.jp/en/), and to plan Iha Sensei’s 88th birthday celebration in 2019.Beikoku Shidokan

Huge headway was made on this celebration event.  Our dates are set, August 21- August 30, 2019.  Our tentative itinerary can be viewed on this web page below:  "OKINAWA TRIP SUMMARY."  Dojos throughout the country and Canada are planning to be part of this event!  Everyone is welcome to attend, children under 18 will need a parent to travel with them.

One of the events that we are very excited about is recreating the picture of Gusukuma Sensei teaching a group of 132 in front of the Shuri Castle, with Iha Sensei teaching us of course.  We got this!



! ! !  Please DO NOT search for deals on travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity.  These companies have built in algorithms that will impact our ability to negotiate the best deal for all of us.  The more activity these sites see to a particular location on a particular date, the higher the rates go.

As more information becomes available, updates will be posted on this site.

This will be a trip of a lifetime!!

Includes tentative itinerary, photos of some of our destinations (training, demonstrations, tours, etc.)

Links to some very useful and informative websites!

Contact Basinger Sensei with any questions.

Further reading...

- Seikichi Iha
- Iha Sensei biography and an interview on karate
- Katsuya Miyahira
- History (Okinawan, Shorinryu, and Beikoku Shidokan karate history.  Biographies of great masters:  Matsumura, Itosu, Chibana, Gusukuma, Motubu and Miyahira.)

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