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St Louis County)

Since 1995

Karate is taught as weaponless self-defense, and emphasized as a martial art rather than a competitive sport.  Achieve confidence and practical expertise, without intimidation or hostility.  Safety is paramount!  Learning from and helping each other, and using skills effectively and with good judgment is the true art of karate.
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Sharon Basinger, Sensei,
Certified Instructor
6th Degree Black Belt


No Contracts, No Equipment to Buy
Karate & Self-defense Lessons
Adult & Youth, Ages 4+
Family & Golden Discounts

Shuri Castle, Okinawa, Japan
Shuri Castle
Naha City, Okinawa, Japan


Calendar  through May, 2020

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EVENTS - Summary

EVENTS - Details



         Karate Training Location 
Permanent as of Jan 1, 2020:
Gym B, Holman Middle School
4050 Banks Rd
  (off St Charles Rock Rd,
   just east of Lindbergh Blvd)

St Ann, MO 63074

Holman Gym B Map

EVENTS 2020 - Summary

(No urgent news at this time)

Women's Night
If interested in this class, please call 314.213.8094 for information.
Self-defense, Women & Teens Age 14+
  • Mon, TBA
  • 5:30-8:30 pm - one night
Gym B, Holman

No Karate
  • Tue & Thu, Feb 18 & 20

Next 6-wk Session
Now Enrolling!!
Age 4-adult, males/females.
  • Begins Tue & Thu, Feb 25 & 27 *
  * Note:  Late fee after NOON, Fri, Feb 21.
Gym B, Holman
314.213.8094, or Enroll by Email and other
options on
 How to Enroll

Karate Location Change
Otherwise, karate is always at Gym B, Holman

Spring Break
  • Mar 24 & 26 - No karate

National Training Seminar (NTS):
  • Fri-Sun, Jul 31-Aug 2
Lansing, Michigan
Active & inactive students of Karate STL & its branch dojos invited.

Additional events on Calendar
(through May, 2020

How to Enroll - Karate or Self-defense
Cost - Karate (includes discount info)
Dates - Begin/End Current Session
Schedule - Karate Classes

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         EVENTS 2020 - Details
 (Updated:  )

Urgent Info (if any)
Women's Night of
Self-defense - Age 14+
No Karate Classes
Next 6-wk Karate Session
Karate Location Change
Spring Break
National Training Seminar (NTS)
       ________________________________  Calendar

WOMEN'S NIGHT         
Women's Self-defenseSelf-defense, Women & Teen Girls
Ages 14+
If interested in this class, please call 314.213.8094 for information.
5:30-8:30 pm
One night
Open to the public
What happens at self-defense class?
Gym B, Holman Middle School
$30 Pattonville resident
$35 Non-resident.
What to Wear:  woman defending against attacker
Long pants & smooth long-sleeved shirt - sweats are ideal.  For safety, pant legs must not reach the floor.  Must remove shoes and socks... and all jewelry (or leave at home). 
Sharon Basinger, Sensei
6th Dan, Certified Instructor

To Enroll:   
Call 314.213.8094

Above and more on Calendar

Ages 4 - Adult, Males/FemalesMan kicking
Now enrolling!!...and, please note New 2020 Class Schedule
  • Tue & Thu, Feb 25 & 27 *
        * NOTE:   Enroll any time, BUT
late fee after NOON, Fri, Feb 21
To Enroll:   woman kicking
314.213.8094 or Enroll by Email or other options on How to Enroll
Training Location:
Gym B, Holman Middle School
(New permanent training location)
Cost ** for entire 6-week session:
  • Once a week:
$40 - Pattonville resident.
$45 - non-resident.
  • Twice a week:
$65 - Pattonville resident.
$70 - non-resident.
  • Once a week desired but class meets twice a week???...
...same as above "Once a week" cost.
**  Discounts/Cost Adjustments:  
  • Family - Deduct $5 for each kid and/or adult per 6-wk session if 2+ of same family enrolled in karate.kids sparring
  • Golden - Deduct $10 per 6-wk session per student age 55+.
  • One discount per student.
  • Add late fee for enrollments received after Friday prior to start of session.
  • Excludes Required uniform ($25-$35, depends on age); Shidokan patch ($5, required for optional rank testing/certification) - available first class.  Fees for optional rank testing/certification.
  • No equipment to buy!   
Parents/Spectators (ALL ages):
Very welcome, BUT all ages please remove shoes, if necessary to enter training area.  AND, all ages are requested to remain on sideline very quietly and unobtrusively (no cell phone or loud talking, or communicating with students please)... out of respect for students and instructors.  
Sharon Basinger, Sensei
6th Dan, Certified Instructor

Dojo Manners & Rules.
Karate class times, schedules, etc.
More about our karate program.
Private lessons:
Contact Basinger Sensei for details

  • Mar 19 ONLY - 
Parkwood School gym
Otherwise, karate is always at
Gym B, Holman Middle School.

spring break
Above and more on Calendar

Seikichi Iha
Lansing, Michigan

Led by world-class "teacher of teachers"
Seikichi Iha, Grand Master
Hanshi 10th Dan,
Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association - President.
Okinawa Shorinryu Karatedo Association - U.S. Branch Chief.

All ranks of active and inactive adult karate students, as well as youth students (age 7 & older... yellow belt & above benefit most), are invited to accompany Basinger Sensei to the NTS.  This includes Karate STL's branch dojosBeikoku Shidokan -- The Arch Shidokan and Gateway Shidokan.

As always, there will be training opportunities for all ranks -- adults and youth, all ranks, ages 7 and above.  Many master teachers, possibly some traveling from Okinawa, will be in attendance, as well as other high ranking senseis and karate-ka with whom to train, who never fail to be tremendously inspiring. The NTS is always an extraordinary opportunity to learn, unite and bond with fellow karate-ka from across the country and around the world, as well as to socialize with friends old and new.

Further details (online seminar registration, hotel reservations, various costs, seminar schedule, youth & teen tornament, seminar T-shirts, etc.) posted here when available.

To, from and within Lansing is to be planned on your own.  Some students drive.  Others fly to Detroit, then drive (1½ hrs) or bus into Lansing, or fly directly into Lansing.  Families sometimes plan vacations that include the NTS, thereby enjoying other destinations en route.
Seminar Location: 
Lansing Center.
Downtown near capital.
333 E Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933.
Walk over enclosed skybridge connected to hotel
1½ miles from Iha Dojo
Discounted Reservation info here soon:
Radisson Hotel
Seminar rate available!
Walk over enclosed skybridge connected to seminar.
111 N Grand Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933.
Map/directions to Radisson, 
1½ miles from Iha Dojo
NTS Online Registration:
Link unavailable...active soon:
NTS Schedule:  Available soon.
Last NTS (2018) preliminary schedule
Sample schedule & info, for planning purposes ONLY, subject to change:
Testing Board Members meeting. 
Dan Test.
Instructor's meeting.
Seminar check-in.
NTS Welcome.
Training Sessions 1, 2 & 3.
Seminar check-in.
Training Sessions 1, 2 & 3.
Youth/Teen Kata Tournament.
Group Photo.
Personal Photos with Iha Sensei & Barker Sensei.
Saturday evening -
Celebration Dinner Banquet:
Seminar participants & non-participants, ALL ages.
NTS Social.
Sunday morning -
Final training, then NTS Closing

Contact Basinger Sensei with questions.


Additional events on
(through May, 2020
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