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Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043
St. Louis County)

Since 1995

Karate is taught as weaponless self-defense, and emphasized as a martial art rather than a competitive sport.  Achieve confidence and practical expertise, without intimidation or hostility.  Safety is paramount!  Learning from and helping each other, and using skills effectively and with good judgment is the true art of karate.

Sharon Basinger, Sensei
Certified Instructor
6th Degree Black Belt


No Contracts, No Equipment to Buy
Karate & Self-defense Lessons
Adult & Youth, Ages 4+
Family & Golden Discounts

Shuri Castle
Shuri Castle
Naha City, Okinawa, Japan


Calendar  thru July, 2017Shidokan

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EVENTS - Summary

EVENTS - Details


EVENTS - Summary


Pattonville Hts Middle School back gym - Tue, Dec 6 (last class of this 6-wk session)

Winter Break:

Dec 8 - 29, no karate (resumes Jan 3 & 5)

Next 6-wk Karate Session:  
Age 4-adult.
  • Begins Tue & Thu, Jan 3 & 5, 2017*
* Note:  $5 class fee increase after Fri, Dec 30.
314.213.8094, or Enroll by Email and other options on How to Enroll.

Women's Night:
Self-defense, Women & Teen age 14+.
Gym B, Holman Middle School, Open to the Public.
  • Mon, Jan 30, 5:30-8:30 pm.
Enroll at least a week in advance or may cancel. 
314.213.8094, or Enroll by Email and other options on How to Enroll.

Karate Cost (including discount info)

Karate Class Schedule

Begin & End Dates of Current Session


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         EVENTS - DetailsCalendarkarate-do

Winter Break

Next 6-wk Karate Session

Women's Night of Self-defense - Age 14+  


WINTER BREAKsnow flake

                         Ages 4- Adult
Begins:  man kicking
Tue & Thu, Jan 3 & 5, 2017*...ends Feb 9.
* Note:  $5 class fee increase on enrollments after Fri, Dec 30.
To Enroll:   
314.213.8094 or Enroll by Email or other options on How to Enroll.
Training Location:
Tue, Jan 3 ONLY - Rose Acres School, Multipurpose Rm
All other class dates - Pattonville Hts Middle School back gym (unless Calendar indicates otherwise).  
Cost* for entire 6-week session:woman kicking
     $35 Pattonville resident.
     $40 non-resident.       $55 Pattonville resident.
     $60 non-resident.
*  Discounts/Cost Adjustments:  kids sparring
One discount per student.
Very welcome, BUT during class ALL ages are requested to remain on sideline very quietly and unobtrusively (no cell phone talking or communicating with students please)... out of respect for students and instructors.
Sharon Basinger, Sensei 6th Dan, Certified Instructor.

Karate class times, schedules, etc.

More about our karate program.

         WOMEN'S NIGHT:Woman blocking
Self-defense, women/teen age 14+... 
One night, 5:30-8:30 pmOpen to the Public.
Mon, Jan 30
Enroll at least a week in advance, or may cancel if insufficient enrollment.
What happens at self-defense class?
Gym B, Holman Middle School.
$30 Pattonville resident;
$35 Non-resident.

What to Wear:  
Long pants & smooth long-sleeved shirt.  For safety, pant legs must not reach the floor.  Must remove shoes and socks... and all jewelry (or leave at home).
Sharon BasingerSensei 6th Dan, Certified Instructor.
To Enroll:   

Call 314.213.8094, or Enroll by Email and other options on How to Enroll.

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